Setting up Nested Routes in a Note-taking App (pt 3)

  1. routing is inherently a bit difficult to understand
  2. insufficient use of the documentation by this author (insert some meme á la “why spend 30 minutes reading documentation when you can spend 3 days debugging your app?”) (impatience)
  3. relying on written documentation when a well done video tutorial helped me understand nested routing much faster, especially by using hooks like useParams and useRouteMatch, and seeing all components in a single file, rather than spread out in multiple files, making it harder to see the relationships and hierarchies between the different app components and react-router-dom components (i.e., Link and Route) and the relevant properties to pass them.




Software Engineer and Chinese Language Nerd

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Theo Carney

Theo Carney

Software Engineer and Chinese Language Nerd

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